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Many of us do ‘all the right things’ yet we are not in the best health. We try various treatments, but don’t feel we’ve addressed the root cause of our ailments, and the ailments remain. Unlike other systems of health care, Ayurveda recognizes the fact that we are each unique – that what is good for one, may not be ideal for another. Through Ayurveda you can discover the natural ways to give your body what it needs and achieve your own individual balance.

You can find the answers to your health questions and discover your own unique Path to Health at Planet Ayurveda. There are several ways you can begin your Path to Health;

Firstly, discover your own type and you’ll find tips on the right lifestyle choices for your constitution. Take our free online test to Know Your Type.

To take your understanding further, and learn more, you can request a Personal Programme from Dr Ajit, after taking the Know Your Type test. Dr Ajit will review your characteristics and personalise a programme to help you achieve your best health. Cost: NZ$80.00

If you would like even more tailored health advice, like to be able to ask questions, or you have specific health concerns, then a consultation with Dr Ajit is the right choice. If you can visit Planet Ayurveda in Auckland, New Zealand – simply contact us for an appointment.
Duration: 1 hour. Cost NZ$150.00

And if you can’t see Dr Ajit in person, then we can offer you a live, online consultation.


At the end of the school year I was feeling quite shattered and concerned about my health, I was tired, irritable and swinging from anxiety to angry outbursts and suffering digestive disturbances. After years of reading about different approaches to health I am very drawn to Ayurveda. From day one of my Panchakarma treatments I felt the benefits; just entering the warm, divine smelling candle lit room on a grey wet day was therapeutic. I have experienced a wonderful healing under the superb guidance of Dr Ajit and Leanne. I am so grateful for the kind nurturing support they have given me. I feel a lot calmer, more balanced and stronger to deal with life again.

Deborah Nash (Auckland, NZ) Panchakarma Treatment

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